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Welcome, welcome, welcome to Varsity & JV Chess Coach Andrew's chess website! Designed to promote, teach & share chess to kids of all ages. IN MARYLAND USA, the ANNAPOLIS CHESS CLUB MEETS TUESDAY 5:30pm in the WHOLE FOODS Supermarket , Annapolis Towne Centre, 200 Harker Pl #100, Annapolis, MD 21401 It is completely free, no dues or costs to play chess, just play for fun. Typically we have 8 or more boards going (16 players). Games end at 9:55 sharp. Play is in the Whole Food Markets' big table area near the corner entrance to the store. Stop in, it's great!

As a Trainer for many years, it is a very rewarding privilege to share the phenomena of Chess with so many students. And to know that they will go on to spread this phenomena for another 50, 60, even 70+ more years is an absolute honour.

I am frequently asked how exactly do we improve our chess skills? Well, the answer is 'I can very easily show you'. There are specific things which you should do and not do. Improving our chess ability can be compared to climbing a mountain and you cannot expect to sprint all the way to the top of the chess mountain. It's just not that simple.

There are 'plateaus' which you will find that you need to acclimatize yourself with. That's just the way it is, you will get to a certain level and not be able to get further for a little while. The amount of wait depends mainly on how accurately your learning focuses on your specific needs. Instruction must be customized and accurately tailored!

If not Chess players could be needlessly stuck at the lower levels. Earnest students derive terrific satisfaction by following this type of customized instruction. They will benefit greatly by witnessing measurable milestones. Custom instruction and foundational study is the best way up the chess mountain. We have an extremely effective drill for foundational study called '50 Q'. Just click this button or on the button below named 'FIFTY Q' to see this great and very useful drill. That's the place to start.